The North Star Health Collective’s First Aid & Wellness Center will open on Monday, September 1st at 9am!!! The Health Center will be open Monday (Sept 1st) – Friday (September 5th), from 9am – 9pm (hours extended if needed).

The Health Center is located at 639 Jackson St in St. Paul. It is located directly across the street from Regions Hospital in the offices behind the church. Our entrance is accessible through the parking lot on the south side of the building. For informational purposes, this is within Sector 6.

For more information or to volunteer, please call 1-800-71-YOGURT.


The North Star Health Collective’s Wellness Center organizers are interested in keeping the lines of communication open for folks who wish to get involved, coming into town over the next week. However, our regularly scheduled Sunday meetings at Blue Moon will not continue from this point forward. One week from today, Friday, August 29th will mark the first of the known RNC related events as the Critical Mass makes it way across the Twin Cities. Having all of our volunteers well organized before that time is very important to us.

The decision to cease our open Sunday meetings at the Blue Moon was made in order to allow for a more fluid process of organizing for the main people involved. By no means is this meant to be exclusionary towards people wanting to get involved. We invite you to contact us regardless of your level of involvement up until this point. We welcome volunteers to fill a variety of roles in the Wellness Center and offer a variety of trainings & orientations to help facilitate that involvement.

We look forward to working with you and thank you to all who have committed to this project thus far!

Be Well!
The folks at the NSHC Wellness Center

A Call to action!

For anyone interested in working in the Wellness Center, now is the time to get in contact with us!

The time is near!!! We will have access to the space that will become the Wellness Center sometime this week and will need all the help we can get! We need to turn this space into the beautiful, calm, serene, safe space necessary to aid in the emotional support of people in need. Anyone willing to help set up should contact us, ASAP!

Any volunteers wishing to work in the space during open hours (tentatively August 29th-September 5th, 9am-Midnight) should also contact us! We will begin writing the schedule soon and need to get our providers organized! Stay tuned for a provider meeting announcement!

The North Star Health Collective is offering free trainings in Psychological First Aid.

The schedule can be found here.

Below is the letter that the North Star Health Collective’s Mental Health Support Organizers have composed to initiate contact with health care practitioners in the Twin Cities area

North Star Health Collective
Mental Health and Wellness Center Organizers

Dear ____________________:

We are contacting you on behalf of the North Star Health Collective – a Twin Cities-based collective that is working to set up health care support for the demonstrations at the Republican National Convention (September 1st through 4th). We expect tens of thousands of demonstrators to be in the streets during the convention. Inevitably, some of these demonstrators will need health care at various levels, and North Star is committed to providing that care. Hundreds of trained medics from across the country are coming to work both in the streets and in a trauma space, to assist with the physical needs of protestors. In addition, the North Star Collective is working to create a Wellness Center, in which we will treat those in dealing with mental health issues and emotional trauma.

Central to the North Star Health Collective and all the work we do are our points of unity:

–to resist the commercialization and corporatization of our health care
–to organize that care on the principles of decentralization, autonomy, sustainability and mutual aid
–to work to end all relationships of domination and subjugation, including but not limited to those rooted in patriarchy, racism, classism, xenophobia, and heterosexism.

We are currently seeking out practitioners to join with us to provide treatment during the protests. As a health care provider and skilled professional, you are key to the work we are trying to do. We are looking for a variety of practitioners to get involved. Acupuncturists, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, herbalists, therapists, paramedics and others are needed to staff the Wellness Center. Any amount of time that you could contribute your skills and expertise during the demonstrations would be tremendously helpful.

If you feel you cannot contribute your time during these four days but support what we are doing, there are plenty of other ways you can help – from attending meetings in advance of the demonstrations to donating money or supplies for the wellness space. A list of our current needs can be found at our website or you can contact us through the information below.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Candace Bollinger and Kim Christoffel
Candace@riseup.net and Akimbo@riseup.net
Mental Health Support Organizers
North Star Health Collective

Things are shaping up in the Twin Cities for the Wellness Space & Mental Health Support for the RNC. We have a lot of work to do, including secure our location, raise funds, gather supplies, & organize our volunteers! If you are interested in getting involved, we have designated a regularly scheduled meeting.

Every Sunday at 6:00PM NorthStar’s Mental Health folks are meeting at Blue Moon Cafe located at 3822 East Lake Street (between 38th & 39th) in Minneapolis. Click here for directions. If you are new to the group, please arrive 15 minute early to be caught up to speed!


The NorthStar Health Collective’s Mental Health Organizer’s are growing a new model of radical mental health support with Icarus Project style inner workings in response to the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC) coming to the Twin Cities in September. To the best of our knowledge there has never been an organized form of mental health support during a large protest such as this. The fact of the matter is that without a plan to support each other during times such as these, we are likely to lose important organizers and demonstrators next time around. The emotional trauma of past events such as the 2004 RNC, the Seattle WTO protests, and the G8 have been immeasurable and we fear that kind of loss again this time around. 

The NorthStar Health Collective is setting up a Wellness Space to help care for those on the streets of Minneapolis & St. Paul who may experience trauma of any kind. There will be tens of thousands of people in a large, crowded and unfamiliar city, who will likely be witness to state-sponsored violence among other traumatizing and triggering things. It is our duty as a community to provide a place of decompression and healing to our fellow humyn beings. Our hope is that with your input we can fashion a new model in which we can care for each other not just during the RNC, but in the context of any big festival, demonstration, or concert in the future. With an organized approach rooted in total wellness and mutual aid, we are finding new and exciting ways to deliver “emotional first aid” to those in need on a larger scale. With more folks seeking support at any given time, this will mean more volunteers, more resources and lots of organization.

Mad Love,
NorthStar Health Colletive’s Mental Health Support Folks